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The 7 Most Exotic Cats

Cornish Rex

3. The Cornish Rex

This breed has the softest and most unique coat of any cat; it’s curly! Not so curly that it takes on the appearance of a poodle, but it forms tight rows of wavy-like ripples along its body. This soft, luxurious coat is amazing to the touch, but also makes this cat susceptible to extreme weather conditions, so indoors is highly recommended for the Cornish Rex. This breed is long and angular, with large ears and round eyes and makes a fun-loving and playful companion. In fact, owners of the Cornish Rex say it will keep its kitten-like behavior for most of its lifetime; however, it also has another trait that may catch some cat-lovers off guard. Its feet smell like cheese, which is a trait caused by a gland found in only in the Cornish Rex.