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The 7 Most Exotic Cats


2. The Sphynx

Described as almost alien in appearance, the Sphynx cat is definitely on the exotic breed list. It has a long, lean body, large ears and can have any eye color, including blue. Although, most folks think this cat is totally hairless, it simply is not so. The Sphynx has a soft, downy “peach-fuzz” covering its body and sometimes will have hair around its mouth and ears. Because of the lack of fur, this type of cat should be kept indoors, as it can sunburn and freeze in extreme weather. The Sphynx will also need weekly bathing to keep the oils on its skin in good condition. Personality wise, this feline does make a loving companion and is known as ‘the clown” of the cat world, keeping its owners entertained for hours.