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The 7 Most Exotic Cats


Most cat people are content to just go to their local shelter or rescue group to find a feline companion to share their home with; however, there are specific cats breeds that are not only unusual, but are not seen everyday. Lets explore the 7 most exotic cat breeds to, perhaps, find your next feline friend.

1. The Bengal

If you have ever admired the coat of a Bengal Tiger, than you will be stunned by the markings on this domesticated cat. The Bengal breed is known for its distinct rosettes, spots and marbling that covers its body from head to toe. This breed was brought to be by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat, which is where it gets its remarkable coat. This feline is known to have an inquisitive personality and enjoys being up in high places. It is highly energetic, intelligent and very, very busy. Cuddle time with a Bengal is when it is ready, but otherwise, be prepared for a cat that likes full-out play-mode. These active cats are not for people who are looking for a laid-back pal.