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Kitty Breeds

8 of the Rarest Cats

Although you may have never heard of or had the pleasure of meeting one of these rare feline breeds, cat-fanciers and animal lovers alike are excited about the new cuties on the scene; they are adorable and oh so unique. Read on to discover the qualities of these amazing kitties. The Minskin This cute, short-legged cat is the result of ...

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8 Cats That Live the Longest

Although not all cats live to the ripe old age of 38 like Creme Puff of Austin, Texas, there are some breeds that are known for their longevity. Check out the following top 8 breeds that won’t need to cash in on those “nine lives.” The Siamese Not only does this feline have amazing blue eyes and the sleek, slender ...

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9 Most Loving Cat Breeds

Despite what many people may think, there are cats that enjoy being cuddled and loved. In fact, they will often seek out their pet parents to lap up and to give back some furry affection. If you are looking for a feline friend to snuggle with, check out the following nine cat breeds that are at the top of the ...

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10 Most Intelligent Cats

Dog people are quick to brag about their smart and obedient canine-pal, but anyone that has had experience with a feline knows that cats can be pretty intelligent as well. Check out the following 10 most intelligent cat breeds…you may be surprised at which ones made the list. Siamese Known for their beautiful markings and talkative attitude, the Siamese is ...

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9 Most Active Cat Breeds

Generally when most people think of a cat, they most likely perceive a lazy creature lounging around for 20 hours a day. Although, this may be true for some felines, there are breeds that are more than happy to race around, play fetch and spend their time interacting with their family members. Check out the top nine most active cat ...

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The 7 Most Exotic Cats

Most cat people are content to just go to their local shelter or rescue group to find a feline companion to share their home with; however, there are specific cats breeds that are not only unusual, but are not seen everyday. Lets explore the 7 most exotic cat breeds to, perhaps, find your next feline friend. 1. The Bengal If ...

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