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Kitty Advice

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

Pets are an investment both emotionally and financially. When your pet destroys something in your home unexpectedly, it costs money. Vet bills, damaged plants and training courses all add up. 1. They Make You Earn Their Respect One of the most interesting things about cats that most people don’t know is that they only respond to positive feedback. They do ...

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9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat

Pets are a big part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, they have an impact on us. Here are 9 lessons we can learn from our feline friends’ behavior that apply to our own lives. 1. Be Selective With Who You Like Cats usually take time to decide if they like someone while dogs just love ...

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9 Things to Never Feed Your Cat

Whether you are a new cat owner or just not familiar with what human foods can be toxic to cats, it’s important to know about these 9 things to never let your cat get into. It’s also important to know where the nearest 24 hour animal hospital is in case of emergency. If you have children or guests, it’s also ...

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9 Things Only Cat Owners Truly Understand

Sure older women that are not married and own several cats, are mostly perceived as “crazy cat ladies,” but what non-cat parents don’t realize is that there are things only a cat can provide. Yes, our feline friends can be demanding, quirky and downright weird sometimes, but that’s what makes them all the more endearing. Check out our list of ...

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9 Things Owners Do That Cats Hate

Even though our feline companions cannot talk, they do show signs of irritability, jealousy and even down-right anger. You may be oblivious to your cat’s mood swings or fully aware when kitty decides to show you he or she is upset. But did you know you could be the cause of your feline’s pet-peeves? Just like humans, cats can become ...

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8 Ways to Make Your Cat Happier

We all want our pet companions to be happy. Aside from meeting their basic needs of shelter, food, water and veterinary care, there are some things you can provide for your cat that will have them purring up a storm and leaving you feeling like the best pet parent on the planet. Read on to discover 8 ways to make ...

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