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9 Things to Never Feed Your Cat


9. CaffeineIt’s important to realize caffeine is hidden in many substances around your house. Diet pills, workout powders, chocolate milk, soda and other things are all very poisonous to your cat. Two laps of caffeine can poison your cat and if they get into even small amounts of coffee grounds or tea bags it will often be fatal. Protect your drinks and garbage and make sure if you do take supplements that contain caffeine that you don’t accidentally drop them and leave them on the floor or in the car.While there are other things cats should not be given such as bread dough and garlic, this is just a list of the most common things people have in their homes that can cause serious harm or death to your pet. Make sure everyone in your house and your guests are aware that it is not a good idea to feed your cat human food and make it mandatory that all foods, drinks and trash be sealed well so your cat cannot get into them.