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9 Things to Never Feed Your Cat

Whether you are a new cat owner or just not familiar with what human foods can be toxic to cats, it’s important to know about these 9 things to never let your cat get into. It’s also important to know where the nearest 24 hour animal hospital is in case of emergency. If you have children or guests, it’s also important to inform them of these foods that are poison to our furry friends. If you have someone housesit for you, make sure they know what your cat cannot have and how to avoid common accidental poisonings.

1. Canned Fish

Contrary to popular belief mostly promoted by cartoons, canned fish is not a good thing to feed to cats. Canned fish cat food is often comes from leftovers. These leftovers can be very dangerous to your cat because they often include bones and high levels of magnesium. High levels of magnesium and phosphorus found in canned cat food can increase your cats chance in developing kidney infections and urinary tract infections. Fish are actually one of the top things cats might be allergic to. The other top two allergens for cats are beef and dairy. Unfortunately, most seafood today is contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and potentially deadly preservatives. Salmon and tuna fish are found to maintain high levels of metals such as mercury, which can also be harmful to your cat. Seafood can be addictive for cats but just because they like it doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Cats did not evolve eating seafood as most cats roamed in deserts. If your cat’s diet is based on seafood they can develop serious deficiencies as well as get too much iodine and magnesium.