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9 Things Owners Do That Cats Hate

bad experience

9. Bad Experiences

They say elephants have a long memory, but anyone that has owned a cat knows they have one too (see above point). Cats will remember things they considered unpleasant, like a trip to the veterinarian’s office, nail clipping or anything that may have caused them pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, bad experiences happen to all cats (whether in its own mind or for certain) and they will most likely not be happy about it. The best you can do is soothe your cat through the rough spots and wait for the mood to pass.
We all want our pets to be happy and healthy, so if you are inadvertently making your cat angry follow our helpful tips to ensure you can both enjoy your time together. Although, sometimes it can be amusing to watch your feline pal display a bad mood. As long as it is not in danger, let kitty throw his tantrum, just hide your valuables.