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9 Things Owners Do That Cats Hate

old dried out spoiled food

Even though our feline companions cannot talk, they do show signs of irritability, jealousy and even down-right anger. You may be oblivious to your cat’s mood swings or fully aware when kitty decides to show you he or she is upset. But did you know you could be the cause of your feline’s pet-peeves? Just like humans, cats can become ticked-off when you aren’t meeting their demands (and they can be demanding). Check out the 9 things owners do that cats hate to see if you are responsible for your pet’s foul mood.

1. Old, Dried Out or Spoiled Food

A cat’s nose is highly sensitive and in tune with its surroundings, so offering food (particularly canned cat food) that is old, dried out or spoiled is very offensive to your pet. This will not only put your feline in a bad mood, but it is also extremely unhealthy. A good gauge on how long to let canned food sit out is about 20 minutes, less if it is extremely warm inside your home. Keep your cat happy by offering fresh food and discarding any leftovers after he or she is finished.