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9 Things Only Cat Owners Truly Understand

it's a matter of privacy

3. It’s a Matter of Privacy

Cats have no boundaries and have no problem invading the privacy of its pet parent. This can include bedtime, bathtime and yes, even when visiting the washroom. Felines love to have a “captive” audience and there’s no better place to get the attention they are seeking then when someone is going to the bathroom. If you are fast enough to make it into this area and are able to close the door, a cat will still try to get in. This may include meowing, scratching at the door, or paws being shoved under the door. If your feline friend does manage to visit the bathroom with you, you can expect, bunting on the legs, rubbing, purring and perhaps even a lap-sit. Plus, all noises and emitting smells will be looked upon with curiosity, perked ears and eventual disdain.