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9 Things Only Cat Owners Truly Understand

Gross Things are Tokens

Sure older women that are not married and own several cats, are mostly perceived as “crazy cat ladies,” but what non-cat parents don’t realize is that there are things only a cat can provide. Yes, our feline friends can be demanding, quirky and downright weird sometimes, but that’s what makes them all the more endearing. Check out our list of 9 things only cat owners can truly understand.

1. Gross Things Are Tokens of Love

Forget about tail wags and face licks, when you live with a cat your gifts take on a more disgusting nature. In fact, the highest compliment you can be paid is to have a dead (or semi-dead) critter plopped onto your foot, pillow, carpet or breakfast table. If your feline friend doesn’t have access to the great outdoors, mangled, half-chewed and wet toys will also suffice. You may want to gag when kitty proudly drops his token of love at your toes, but just know the sentiment comes from the heart.