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9 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

cats say meow
We may think of our feline-friends as being the quieter choice in pets; however, some cats can be quite chatty. Siamese are well known for their wide vocal range and are even said to carry on a “conversation” with their pet-parent. Although this breed may be the exception more so than the rule, cats do use their voice to communicate their needs and desires, you just need to know what to listen for. Check out the following cat sounds that may finally put you and your pet on speaking terms.

1. Cat’s Say…Meow

We were probably all taught as children that cat’s say meow. However, there are a number of different tones and styles of this “simple” sound.

The meow of an adult cat is usually used in a greeting to their pet-parent. This may be accompanied by a raised tail and a rub against the side of your leg. Another reason a cat will meow is when they want something. Attention, food, snacks or access to a room may all elicit this endearing call.

There may also be times when your feline-friend is annoyed and will tell you so by a long, drawn out meeeoow. This call can sound more throaty and may also be accompanied by a swishing tail. It’s best to let this kitty settle down before approaching. In addition, this call can also indicate a cat that is in pain or distress. Watch out for other signs of illness with this form of communication and take the appropriate actions if needed.