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9 Most Active Cat Breeds


Generally when most people think of a cat, they most likely perceive a lazy creature lounging around for 20 hours a day. Although, this may be true for some felines, there are breeds that are more than happy to race around, play fetch and spend their time interacting with their family members. Check out the top nine most active cat breeds.

The Abyssinian

One look at an Abyssinian (or Aby) and you will know this cat is built for motion. It is a medium-size animal, with long sleek lines and large ears. It is known for its inquisitive nature and constant need to be involved in the daily workings of the household. It loves to jump up on tall perches, look out the window and explore its world. The Aby should have a variety of toys to satisfy its need to run and play, as well as to stimulate its mind. This cat would do well in a busy, active home, where it will get loads of attention.