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9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat

be selective who you like

Pets are a big part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, they have an impact on us. Here are 9 lessons we can learn from our feline friends’ behavior that apply to our own lives.

1. Be Selective With Who You Like

Cats usually take time to decide if they like someone while dogs just love everyone for the most part. Cats are known for being aloof and humans usually have to earn their respect or please them. Cats seem to have the attitude that they run the show and humans have to please them. Dogs seem to act like their only goal in life is to make humans happy. Now why would humans benefit from adopting this cat like scrutiny?

There are indeed many different types of people on this planet and it is good to take time to evaluate their actions before you trust them and make them your best friend. Just as there is an initial dating phase in courtship where humans are trying to judge the other person and see if they meet their personal standards, we can be more catlike and make people prove they are worthy of our respect. Instead of trying desperately like a dog to get their attention, let them come to us and show us they are decent and generous.