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9 Great Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat

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9. The Running of an Obstacle Course

You’ve probably seen dogs running obstacle courses. This is part of agility training and can be quite entertaining for onlookers, but did you know you can teach a cat the same process?

This trick uses the same “target” method, but picked up a notch. Cat’s love to chase things, so using its favorite target toy, you can slowly introduce your pet to more complicated targets. This can include going through tunnels, jumping over low “hurdles” and weaving in and around stationary objects. It will demand practice and patience and some cats will pick up on it faster than others. Keep up the praise and rewards with each successful target and soon your feline will be ready for any agility competition.

As with any animal. learning new skills is often easier when the cat is young and more open to new adventures. If you are want a well-trained cat, consistency is key along with plenty of rewards and praise. Have daily training sessions to reinforce the training and soon your cat will be the life of the party.