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9 Great Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat

fetch that toy
4. Fetch that Toy!

We often think of “fetch” as a game for dogs, but some cats have a real knack for this charming trick. Cats are natural hunters and love to chase after toys, the tough task is getting your playmate to leave his “kill” for you to throw again. However, it’s not impossible.

The key to ‘fetch’ is repetition and to have an irresistible toy your cat will want to chase after. Throw the toy a short distance in front of you. Once he has it in his mouth, go over and gentle retrieve it from him and move back to your “throw position.” Repeat the process until your cat understands that when you have the toy, you will continue to throw it for him.

Playing fetch is a game that may take some time for your cat to learn, but once he does, you will be playing it everyday.