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9 Great Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat

walking on leash
3. Walking on a Leash

Bringing your cat for a walk on a leash can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pet. Be sure to invest in a good harness made specifically for cats; collars are dangerous and can actually cause damage to your cat’s trachea. Let your cat get used to the harness in your home. Once he has mastered this, attach the leash and walk around the inside of your home, before you attempt outside. Some cats take to harnessing and leashes quite well, while others may be timid and afraid at first. Now its time for the great outdoor adventure. Again, take it slowly and only walk around your yard until your cat (and you) are fully confident. Gauge how your feline-friend is reacting to being outside, if he is walking without tearing away from you, then try longer excursions. With some practice, you and your cat will be walking the neighborhood without a problem…just watch out for those curious canines.