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9 Great Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat

sitting pretty
You are probably skeptical at the idea of teaching a cat to do tricks. After all, anyone that has ever owned a cat can attest to its independent nature. Although, it may be a bit more difficult than training a dog, it’s not impossible for cats to learn tricks. However, it will require a lot of patience, persistence and practice (and an delectable treat your cat can’t pass up).

Training your feline-friend the basics like, walking on a leash, sit and high-fives, are only the beginning of the amazing feats a well-trained cat can learn to perform. Once they have mastered these skills, they can move on to more difficult tricks like running an obstacle course.

Check out these 9 tricks you can teach your cat…you may be surprised at how “capable” your cat-companion is underneath all that indifference.

1. Sitting Pretty

Teaching your cat to sit is the basic command that you can use as the basis for other tricks. And it’s not all that difficult…really.

Start by having your cat’s favorite treat. With this in hand, hold it above your cat’s head, just behind the ears. Now move it towards its tail. This motion will automatically put your cat in the ‘sit’ position. Repeat the word “sit.” and reward him once the trick is complete. Practice this technique over and over until your cat responds to the command alone.