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8 Ways to Make Your Cat Happier

warm spots

We all want our pet companions to be happy. Aside from meeting their basic needs of shelter, food, water and veterinary care, there are some things you can provide for your cat that will have them purring up a storm and leaving you feeling like the best pet parent on the planet. Read on to discover 8 ways to make your cat happier.

Happy Cat Hint # 1: Warm Spots

Cats love warmth, whether it comes from a fireplace, woodstove or mother nature, providing your cat with an area to lap up the rays or soak up the heat source of your home will put them in a happy mood. If you don’t have windowsills located in a sunny spot, try placing a scratch post, chair or your kitty’s favorite pillow or bed where the source of heat is located. You will find your cat gravitates to this location for a long nap or just to do some general grooming and relaxing.