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8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

do not need leash
5. Cats Don’t Need A Leash

Dogs are not nearly as smart as cats. They sometimes wander away from home but they are smart enough to find their way back. They know where home is and they stick around. For the most part, cats are content being inside and won’t usually get restless if they aren’t let outisde and taken to the park. Dogs build up a lot more energy and need much more activity than cats do. Cat people are often intellectual types that put a lot of their energy into their work and like a companion that won’t bother them to go outside. For people that are older and have a risk of falling, sometimes dogs pulling on leashes becomes dangerous. Since cats don’t need to be on leashes, this risk is not a problem. Also big dogs can jump on their owners and knock them over but cats won’t do that.