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8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

low maintenance
2. They Are Low Maintenance

Cats can be left alone much longer than dogs. They will use a litter box and can regulate their eating. Dogs need to be let outside and will usually eat whatever is put in front of them. Cats also don’t need your attention twenty four seven when you’re home. They also allow you your independence as they are less concerned with earning your adoration. They like when you’re around but don’t need to be sitting on your lap every second. You won’t have to buy them things all the time because they entertain themselves and they will get exercise by exploring the house and do not need to be walked on a leash. For people that commute or work long hours, it’s nice to have a cat instead of a dog that takes up much more of your already limited time. Cats are much cleaner than dogs and don’t drool or like to roll in the mud like dogs do.