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8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

earn respect
Pets are an investment both emotionally and financially. When your pet destroys something in your home unexpectedly, it costs money. Vet bills, damaged plants and training courses all add up.

1. They Make You Earn Their Respect

One of the most interesting things about cats that most people don’t know is that they only respond to positive feedback. They do not respond to someone scolding them and can only be trained on the reward system. They are easily offended which actually asks us to learn how to be nicer as an owner. Instead of losing our patience, we must learn to get along. This is a great life lesson that cats teach us. They will not want to be our friend if we speak in a stern tone or swat them. If we are nice to them and teach them tricks they get rewards for, it builds a strong bond with them and they will respect you. When you go out of your way for your cat, they appreciate it. Unlike dogs, they have a memory and know when you try to make them happy. Dogs say I love you no matter what and cats say I love you if you prove yourself. The second conditional respect offer makes us more accountable for our decisions and we can learn how to be caring and responsible.