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8 of the Rarest Cats

The Minskin

Although you may have never heard of or had the pleasure of meeting one of these rare feline breeds, cat-fanciers and animal lovers alike are excited about the new cuties on the scene; they are adorable and oh so unique. Read on to discover the qualities of these amazing kitties.

The Minskin

This cute, short-legged cat is the result of crossing a Munchkin, Sphynx, Devon Rex, and Burmese. It was first developed in Boston (1998) by breeder Paul McSorley. He envisioned a breed with the small, kitten-like stature of the Munchkin with fur only on its “points:” legs, ears, tail and face. By 2005 he had bread 50 of the Minskin that met his goal.

The Minskin is not only adorable to behold, it loves the attention of its family and animal companions. This breed is extremely intelligent and will keep its family entertained and on their toes. In addition, its cashmere-like fur sheds very little and has a luxurious sheen making it an ideal indoor companion.