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8 Most Famous Cats on Instagram

8. Nala the Siamese/Tabby Mix

With her dazzling blue eyes, Nala has torn up the internet with her surprising antics and cute cross-eyed pictures. But she wasn’t always famous. Nala was abandoned at a shelter in Northern Los Angeles where a kind stranger (just out for a visit) decided to give her a second chance at life. Varisiri Methachittiphan, or Pookie as she prefers to be called, brought home the tiny five month-old kitten and started to take pictures of her. Little did she know at the time, that Instagram visitors would make her kitten a star.

Today, Nala has over 1,301,044 followers, her own YouTube channel and even a line of merchandise. The best part of kitty-fandom? Ten percent off all the proceeds of her merchandise line goes to helping other homeless cats and kittens.

Little did the owners of these quirky kitties know when they posted a few simple pics of their amazing pets, that they would light-up the internet, as well as the hearts of all those who come across their amazing little faces. Watching a fun video or just seeing the antics of an animal can make the day of so many people. Let’s continue to support these cats and their causes. Who knows? Maybe someday your pet may become the next internet sensation.