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8 Most Famous Cats on Instagram

We have all seen pictures of people caught doing something embarrassing, or perhaps you yourself have been a victim of an impromptu photo-opt. With the age of the camera-ready cell phone, it’s all too easy to snap a picture on a moments notice. Once planted on Instagram, you never know what might happen to the picture. Will it go unnoticed like millions of others or will it become an internet sensation. Check out the following eight cats that (thanks to their owners) have become famous on Instagram.

1. Princess Monster Truck

From the rough streets of New York City to internet fame, Princess Monster Truck is now leading the good life. Her unaligned jaw, causing her lower teeth to jut out, were once a bit shocking to her now owners and artists, Joseph Bryce and Tracy Timmons, but a trip to the vet assured them her condition was genetic and not abuse-related. Princess Monster Truck’s appearance has now gained her her own line of merchandise, her own website and a life of lounging around in the sun being oblivious to her over 76,000 Instagram followers.