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7 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

face sniffer

Cats rank among the world’s most popular pets and for good reasons; they are cute, cuddly and oh so entertaining. But there comes a time in every “pet-parent’s” life that we observe our furry pal doing something strange. Read on to finally get the answers to those weird behaviors your feline may be exhibiting.

Weird Behavior # 1: The Face-Sniffer

Anyone that has ever had a cat (or a dog) knows that the hindquarters is usually the “place of interest” for these animals. However, there are some felines that prefer to check out the face, especially in people. Like all living creatures we also give off our own unique “smell.” When your cat is sniffing your face, eyes and hair it is seeking out that familiar and safe scent only you emit. This trait helps in its visual identification and puts your pet at ease.

Cats may also touch the nose of another pet. This is a rare greeting that usually only takes place in animals that know each other well and are extremely comfortable in each other’s presence. This cute gesture is perceived by your feline as being vulnerable, so you may rarely, (if ever) get to witness it.