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9 Super Foods Your Cat Should Eat


9. Carrots

This orange superfood has been around for years, yet few people knew it was okay to give it to cats. Carrots are a great source of vitamins and beta-carotene that does promote good eyesight; beta-carotene is absorbed in the liver, then converted into vitamin A, which in turn is great for the eyes. However, a cat’s ability to convert this substance is limited, so feeding him carrots to improve his eyesight will not be effective. But that doesn’t mean your cat can’t enjoy the flavor and crunch of an occasional carrot chunk.

What we once perceived as “normal” when it came to our feline’s diet has certainly changed over the years. These superfoods not only have added health benefits, but are a great way to break up the monotony of an otherwise boring diet. Given in moderation, these foods can be a nice healthy treat for any feline companion.