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18 Extremely Large Animals You Might Not Think Are Real

Every once in a while there are those moments when you see an image of an animal and have to question whether or not it is real. If this is something you have experienced recently, then you may way want to continue on. The fact is there are a handful of animals that roam our beautiful earth and some are small while others are large. Listed below are 18 of the largest animals you may not think are real. Pay extra attention to the insects on this list because while they are generally considered to be the smallest creatures we see, it is scary to think what life would be like if they became larger.

1. The African Giant Snail

When you think of a snail, you tend to imagine the small critters that walk slowly across your sidewalk area. However, if you were to see the African Giant Snail, you may have to do a double take in order to ensure that it is in fact real. They are usually in Africa and can grow to be about eight inches, which is much larger than the typical snail. They are highly efficient with reproduction, with a 90 percent survival rate, so be aware if your yard becomes over run by these critters.