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10 Smallest Cat Breeds


9 – Napoleon

Taking long hair a step further than would ordinarily be found in a Munchkin, the Napoleon (named after the diminutive Corsican) is the result of breeding Munchkins and Persians. The result is a small cat with very short legs, but a beautiful, soft, luxuriant coat that can be either short or long. The face of the Napoleon is similar in structure to the ‘apple-head’ Siamese; very rounded with bright, round eyes, but exhibiting none of the ‘puggishness’ of face of the Persian.

Probably less of an active breed than many, the Napoleon is quite docile, which makes it a good choice for families with children. Playful, but not obstreperous, this breed makes itself welcome in any home. Generally very healthy, a small number of Napoleons are subject to polycystic kidney disease, so make sure that the breeder you choose has only bred healthy cats.