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10 Smallest Cat Breeds


2 – Munchkin

Looking at a Munchkin, you might think the kitten or cat was standing in a hole, but the very short legs of this breed are what set it apart from other cats. The legs of the Munchkin are actually a natural mutation and this is considered to be a dwarf, rather than a miniature cat, which have normal body proportions, just on a smaller scale. Munchkins can come in any color, from Siamese to Tabby and everything in between. Munchkins can come with short or long hair. These are good-natured, lively little cats that are affectionate with their owners. Both sexes of Munchkins weigh less than 10 pounds.

Despite their body configuration, Munchkins are healthy cats, and while they may exhibit some spinal curvature, this seems not to cause any actual problems. The biggest difference you will notice with a Munchkin is that it will not be able to jump like a normally proportioned cat will.