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10 Smallest Cat Breeds

Japanese Bobtail

10 – Japanese Bobtail

You may think that something was forgotten on the Japanese Bobtail; specifically, the tail. But this breed comes this way completely naturally, and its bobtail contributes to its unique appearance. Considered to be good luck by the Japanese, the Japanese Bobtail can certainly make you feel lucky with its happy disposition, gentle nature, and playfulness. Although Japanese Bobtails can come in nearly any color, most of them are predominantly white with calico markings.

Japanese Bobtails actually enjoy the water, and you may find this breed splashing in the sink or dipping a paw into the bathtub. If you have children and/or other pets, including dogs, you’ll find that the Japanese Bobtail gets along well with everyone. Very genetically diverse, this breed has hardly any health problems. Interestingly, litters are on the small side, but the kittens are larger at birth than are most kittens, and they mature more quickly, too.