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10 Smallest Cat Breeds


All of us have heard the expression, “Good things come in small packages”, and this certainly pertains to small breeds of cats. Most of us have become accustomed to normally sized cats, but now there are a number of small breeds from which to choose. These small cats have great personalities and make wonderful companions, and in most respects are just as much cats as are their larger cousins.

1 – Singapura

Topping the list for smallest cat breed is the Singapura. Not only is this breed small, it is one of the most attractive and engaging of cats in this group. It would be hard for any cat lover to resist the large ears and eyes of the Singapura. Unlike many of today’s miniature cat breeds, which have been created by selective breeding, the Singapura is a completely natural breed.

The brown-ticked coat of the Singapura resembles that of an Abyssinian, and the eyes are yellow or greenish-yellow. The petite size of the breed has the tabbies topping out at 6 pounds at the most, and the toms at 8; many of these cats are even smaller than this. The Singapura has completely normal body proportions.

While many cats are somewhat standoffish, this will never be a problem with your Singapura – this breed loves to be around people. Your Singapura will definitely want to interact with you and your family, and is very affectionate. Perching on high places in your home will be one of the cat’s favorite activities, as well as getting into whatever you are doing.