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10 Largest Cat Breeds

Turkish Van

#4 Siberian

A Siberian is a large breed of cat that is an exceptional jumper. They are very powerful and strong thanks to their build. Their build is such that it has large, strong back legs and a broad chest. They have a very stocky build, but their appearance is softened by their large, round eyes, big earls, and long tail. Adding to their size, they have three coats of fur: guard hairs, awn hairs, and down hair. This means that they are able to live outdoors because their coat protects them from the elements. They come in many different colors and patterns because they don’t have any distinct features in terms of color. Unlike most cat breeds, they do moult twice a year but the summer moult is very brief and light. A Siberian cat can reach up to as much as eighteen pounds and sometimes more.