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10 Cats That Don’t Shed


10 – Siberian

If you’re looking for a big cat with a long coat that doesn’t shed much, consider the Siberian. These big boys and girls can weigh well over 20 pounds and are topped by a thick, luxurious coat that you won’t wind up finding all over the house. The Siberian has a very dense undercoat, but rather than the hairs simply being dropped everywhere it goes, they are caught in the guard and awn hairs and stay put until brushed out, which should be done frequently to prevent matting.

Not averse to water, you may well find your Siberian splashing around in the goldfish bowl or joining you at the sink when you wash up. This is a playful cat that will want to interact with its humans as much as possible. You may even find that it is protective of its family, like a dog is.