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9 Most Loving Cat Breeds



If you are not familiar with the Sphynx breed of cat, you may be a bit taken back when you first meet one. It is not only hairless, but its huge eyes and ears make it almost alien-like in appearance. However, what it may lack in the looks department is well made up for with its outgoing and loving personality. Sphynx cats want and even need the attention of their human companion and will seek them out for play time and may even get into mischief if their advances go unnoticed.

Don’t listen to the rumors that cats are not loving or loyal to their human counterparts. These nine breeds are at the top of the list for being “people-cats” and will give you the attention you desire in a pet. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other cats that are not just as affectionate. Like us, cats all have their unique personalities and qualities that make them special. If you are thinking about adding a feline friend to your household find a reputable breeder, a rescue group or your local shelter to pick out that perfect pet pal.

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