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9 Most Loving Cat Breeds


Despite what many people may think, there are cats that enjoy being cuddled and loved. In fact, they will often seek out their pet parents to lap up and to give back some furry affection. If you are looking for a feline friend to snuggle with, check out the following nine cat breeds that are at the top of the list of being the most loving.


No one really knows where the Birman breed originated, but cat fanciers do know, it is as loving and loyal as it is beautiful. With big blue eyes and soft luxurious fur, the Birman’s cute face and medium-size are winning the hearts of cat-lovers all over the world. In addition to being adorable, this breed truly enjoys the company of both human and other pet companions. It is also easy-to-handle, has a sweet disposition and is noted for being great with kids.

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