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9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat

time to rest

5. Take Time To Rest

Cats are loungers. They love to bask in the sun and take naps. Stress is huge contributing factor to inflammation in the body and rushing contributes to stress. You don’t see cats wake up and look at their list of to-do’s, post to instagram, slam a caramel frappuccino on the way to work and text their mom while driving do you? Cats play it cool. They don’t rush and they don’t put too much on their plates. Just because we can make ourselves really busy doesn’t mean it contributes to our happiness or health. Finding a balance between relaxing and being productive is a lesson to learn from cats. They keep themselves clean and eat when necessary but you won’t see a cat honking his horn irate at the poor old lady in front of their car walking across the street, because they take time to maintain their zen.

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