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9 Easiest Cats to Raise


If you’re considering getting a cat, it’s important that you look at the different breeds and understand their personalities. Furthermore, it’s important that you understand how well they get along with children and other pets. If you’re looking for a very affectionate cat or laid back cat, certain breeds will be a better fit for you. And if you’re looking for a low maintenance cat, there are also certain breeds that will have less upkeep. Let’s look at 9 of the easiest cats to raise.


The Ragdoll is aptly named for it’s laid back and relaxed personality. It is a medium-length haired cat and is not an aggressive breed. They are great with children and are not prone to biting or scratching. If you’re a dog person and appreciate constant affection, this is a good breed for you. They will like to cuddle with you and will follow you around the house. This cats beautiful coat requires only minimal combing. They will shed seasonally but as long as you brush them they don’t require much more work. They are not usually going to jump onto things and get into mischief either. The males are usually slightly larger than females weighing about 15-20 pounds and females usually weigh 10-15. Their beautiful fur is light in color except on the points of their body making a beautiful effect.

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