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7 Ways to Train Your Cat

potty train

6. Potty Train Them

Place them in the litter box right when they wake up, right after they eat and before you go to bed. This way they will become accustomed to the litter box. Even if they go to the bathroom somewhere else, place them in the litter box right away. If you have a new kitten, the first thing you’ll want to do is let them get familiar with their litter box. It’s recommended to clean the waste from the litter everyday to keep your cat from going to the bathroom anywhere else. Cats are very clean animals and are not likely to use dirty litter boxes. This shouldn’t be a very hard thing to train because cats are inclined to use dirt or sand anyway. It’s much easier than housetraining a puppy. Make sure you place the litter box in an area where the cat will not be watched as they are more likely to find a hidden place like under your bed or in your closet if they do not have privacy. Finally, when choosing your litter, do not use the clumping kind because it is very bad and sometimes deadly to cats and try not to switch the actual container because cats are creatures of habit and they get used to what you give them.

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