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7 Ways to Train Your Cat

stay off counter

3. Teach Them To Stay Off Counters

Unlike when you teach a dog by reprimanding them, cats will not respond to a stern tone of voice. If you push them off of something they will begin to fear you and are more likely to return to that location when you are gone. If you do not want your cat climbing on the counters, give them another (better) option. You can make them a perch with carpet and put a warm blanket on it. You can also put bark on the stand for them to claw instead of your furniture. You can also check online or with your local pet store for some interesting inventions that are designed to keep your cat out of areas you don’t want them. If they are constantly on the search for more food, you may want to leave their food out for them so they don’t rummage through yours or try to find stuff that’s open on your counters.

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