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12 Best Cat Breeds For Seniors

American Shorthair

If you don’t want the pressure and commitment that comes along with entertaining a dog all day, you might want to consider a low maintenance cat breed instead. Cats are generally independent creatures but some are very sweet and loving as well. Keep reading to find the top 12 best cat breeds for seniors.

American Shorthair

An American Shorthair is a widely popular cat breed that is very personable. They’re a mid-sized cat that is cuddly but not craving attention. They won’t sit around on the couch all day and you shouldn’t either. At the end of the day or in the early mornings you can relax with your devoted feline friend and during the day you have your own time and they have theirs. This breed is also not very talkative and when they are it’s very low. They are a sociable cat and they get along well with other pets and children.

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