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11 Cat Breeds That Play Well With Dogs


Choosing a cat breed that is perfect for you is hard, but choosing a cat breed that’s perfect for you and will get along well with your dog is quite the challenge. When choosing a cat breed it’s important to consider your current home situation and what you need in your feline friend in order to ensure they’re healthy and happy. There are many cat breeds that get along with other animals in a household and these 11 breeds get along with dogs, specifically.


With a high activity level and playful personality, this breed is a great choice for a home with a dog. This breed has a constant need for attention so if you can’t give it to them, they’ll look for it elsewhere which is where Fido comes in. This cat isn’t known for blending into a picture-perfect background and certainly doesn’t enjoy being coddled either. They have a great spirit and are very cheerful which is why many families with children choose this breed. This breed is also very intelligent so don’t be surprised if they’re caught playing games with the dogs in your home.

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