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11 Affordable Cat Breeds


There are a few expenses that are basically unavoidable, like getting them neutered or spayed (about $200), having a microchip put in (about $50), and the basic annual costs: litter box, litter, collar, carrier, food, toys and treats, and vets (about $600 a year according to the ASPCA). Owning a pet of any kind can be expensive, but when it comes to cats these are the 11 most affordable cats you can buy.


Purchasing a Manx will cost somewhere between just $200-250. For that price, you’ll receive a domestic cat that originated on the Isle of Man with a naturally short tail. Many people confuse this for the tail being docked, but this is something that resulted from a genetic mutation in the breed. The Manx can come in many colors and variations and can sometimes be completely white, though this is rare. The breed has a gentle temperament and is generally very social, though shy around strangers, and incredibly playful (almost comparable to a dog). This breed also has keen hunting instincts and has been known to be able to take down larger prey than most cats of its size.

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