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10 Smallest Cat Breeds

Oriental Shorthair

7 – Oriental

A derivative of the Siamese, the Oriental outdoes its ancestor in providing 600+ coat color possibilities. Orientals undoubtedly are the champions as far as coat variety is concerned. You can find solids, stripes, spots, ticked, calico, tortoiseshell, and tabbies of all kinds. There is also a long-haired form of the Oriental. The long legs, neck, and tail of the Oriental give it a very elegant appearance, and the structure of the face is similar to the Siamese.

Agile and delicate looking, the Oriental will be happiest if it’s able to be participating in life with you. This is not one of your aloof cats, but one that wants to do everything you are doing. A very intelligent breed, the Oriental is still very playful. This is a vocal cat that gets along well with other cats, and actually these cats enjoy having a feline companion.

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