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10 Smallest Cat Breeds


5 – Siamese

While many Siamese could be considered more ‘normal’ in size, a good number of breeders have worked to make this popular breed more slender and petite. Its Thai name means ‘Moon Diamond’. There is no mistaking the distinctive coloration of the Siamese cat’s coat, and no mistaking those big blue eyes and regal attitude, either. Although the most common color is seal point, these cats also come with blue, lilac, and chocolate point coats. Proud, affectionate, lively, and vocal, the Siamese is the perfect cat for people who like a pet with personality.

You won’t have a stodgy cat as your Siamese ages, this breed remains lively and playful throughout its life, and is one of the cat breeds that can be trained. Siamese cats seek interaction with humans and tend to enjoy the company of other household pets, especially other cats. This breed does have more health problems than most other breeds, but most breeze through life with few if any difficulties.

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